Feedback about the waterloo battlefield tours:

From Angela and Mansel

The two days we spent with Alan Lyndsey touring the battlefields at Waterloo, Quatre Bras and Ligny were outstanding. Alan's narratives were highly informative and indicative of his very sound grasp of the topography, the Waterloo campaign and the historical and military context. A must both for those who have little knowledge of the Waterloo campaign and for ardent enthusiasts.
Mansel and Angela Aylward, Wales.

From: Stuart Bindley-Ross

'It had always been an ambition to tour the battlefields on which the Napoleonic wars were ended. Alan proved to be a fantastic, knowledgeable guide and allowed me to totally customise the trip to suit my interests'.

Regards S B-R
P.S See you in 2015!

From: Steve Pembury UK.

'I very much enjoyed our day out last week. Despite being confronted with someone who knew comparatively little of the battle and someone who had read extensively on the subject since childhood you did a fantastic job of keeping both of us entertained.
The whole battlefield was in a much better state of preservation than I had anticipated and the dramatic events of 1815 could be visualised without too much intrusion from the 21st century, though I was amused to hear that ‘La Belle Alliance’ had only recently ceased operation as a Mexican restaurant!
Hougoumont, situated in a fold in the landscape and somewhat isolated from the rest of the field was tremendously evocative. As the three of us walked through the farmyard with no one else in sight it was as if the last two hundred years had just been swept away. In a TV programme Richard Holmes said that this was one place where you could ‘reach out and touch history’. Now I know what he means.

From: Len Durham

Andrew and I are now back home after our trip. We had a great day with you at Waterloo – thanks very much. The museum in Waterloo and the timelines described by you while we were there put it all into context and made our trip around the battlefield after that very easy to understand. The trip to Hougemont brought the battle to life and was the highlight of the day for me. It reminded me a great deal of the hospital at Rorkes Drift and was very evocative. Once again, many thanks (and thanks for sending us the jumper and umbrella which we left in your car).

Best wishes Len Durham

From: Jim Heenehan of Philadelphia

Alan -I'm back home now and just wanted to say thanks again for your great tour of Waterloo.
It was wonderful to see all the sites at Waterloo, Plancenoit & Quatre Bras.
I found it invaluable to see the terrain - especially the slope (and reverse slope) of Wellington's position at Waterloo.
What was also interesting (amongst other things) is what a strong position the church and wall at Plancenoit is,
sitting atop a small hill. Hougoument was a real treat, walking around on a beautiful spring day with no one around but the cows and the ghosts.

Good luck with your future tours. - Jim Heenehan

From: Richard Moore of New Zealand

Well, you seem to have made an impression with your tour! It sounds excellent and I have had the highest reviews.
Well done. I haven't had a chance to get a full debrief from Kevan, but from what he's told me you put on a really fine tour.

Richard Moore,
The Napoleonic Guide

From: Adam / United Kingdom

For my part as an amateur with a keen interest in the battle, I would like to say that you made the day very enjoyable and informative. I especially enjoyed the excellent anecdote(s) of the battle particularly the one about the cavalry colonel who lost both his arms and carried on riding his horse closely followed by 3 French lancers. One cannot imagine the brutality and bravery of man at the time until you hear such stories. I also enjoyed the overview of the military tacticians during the battle, and I think the tour across the entire battlefield by car really put things into perspective. Hougoumont was the icing on the cake.
Keep up the excellent work!!!


From: Andrew Nichols / United Kingdom

During a recent business trip to Belgium we decided to make the most of our journey and take the opportunity to tour the Waterloo battlefield and learn a little bit about the history of this great battle which was won by the professional skills of the British Soldier under the leadership of General Wellington.
With us not knowing a great deal about the detail of the battle or the way around the various areas Alan was quick to explain in outline what went on and where it all took place. His relaxed approach and great personal interest made the trip that much more worthwhile. Alan's knowledge was second to none and we all returned to England learning a lot about the hardships that were experienced at the time. The whole tour was just a great experience.

From: George Pedersen / New Jersey / USA


Watching TV last night we saw National Geographic’s “Napoleon’s Last Battle.” It reminded us of how much we enjoyed your tour of the Waterloo battlefield. I gave you a rather ambitious itinerary and you got us to all of the right places and then some. From the time you picked us up at the Brussels train station, Cheryl and I had an entertaining and informative day. Your tour was the perfect mix of both countryside walking and museum visits. With only one day available for Waterloo, I ‘m so glad we didn’t try this on our own. If you are ever in the States, don’t hesitate to call. We would be delighted to show you Gettysburg or Antietam.

George and Cheryl Pedersen
Highland Park, NJ
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