Belgium has always been in the path of armies rampaging across its territory from all points of the compass.  There is no other country with so many battlefields in such a compressed area.  Over the past 20 years, I have acquired a working knowledge, albeit not to the level of my expertise about the battle of Waterloo, about the major actions which have taken place here and in northern France.  I have put together expeditions with interested military buffs to investigate, among others:
  • -Crecy and Agincourt in Picardy
  • -The World War 1 battlefields at Ypres, Vimy Ridge and the Somme.
  • -WW1 forts at Liège including the spectacular ruin of the exploded fort at Lonçin
  • -World War 2 the Normandy Beaches and the V2 launch sites.
  • -The Battle of the Bulge in the Belgian Ardennes, Bastogne, museums, memorials and the numerous American & German wrecked tanks, still to be found in that region.

I would be happy to organize an itinerary covering any of the above. Just let me know your requirements.

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