Places to see:

Quatre Bras.

  • Gemioncourt Farm defended by van Bijlandt's Netherlanders.
  • The Brunswick Monument.
  • British, Belgian and Dutch Army monuments.
  • Site of the Bossu Woods.
  • The roman road from Frasnes (scene of d'Erlon's futile march towards and back from the fight at Ligny).
  • The Caillou Museum. Napoleon's bivouac on the night of the 17th. His bed, his map table, the scene of the breakfast of the Marshals of France.
  • Genappe village scene of fighting as the Allies retired to Waterloo after Quatre Bras and when the French fell back routed on the 18th.


  • The Gérard Museum  Gén. Gérard conducted the assault on the village.
  • Village streets where ferocious fighting took place on the 16th.
  • The site of the mill at Bussy where Wellington conferred with Blucher.


  • Château Hougoumont, the Allied right flank redoubt, wonderfully preserved and evocative, tenaciously defended by the Guards light companies and their German and Dutch allies.
  • La Haie Sainte, the central strong point, held until late in the day by Major Baring's Kings German Legion riflemen.
  • The Sandpit, (now a lay-by) held by the 95th rifles.
  • La Papelotte, la Haie, Frischermont, Wellington's left wing fiercely disputed between Saxe-Weimar's Dutch Brigade and Durutte's 4th division.
  • Smohain and Plancenoit, villages on Napoleon's right finally taken by Blucher late in the day to roll up the French right.
  • Napolean's observation post and the ground occupied by La Grande Batterie.
  • The sites of Captain Mercer's Horse Artillery battery, Pictons death, the charge of the Scots Greys, Ney's valiant cavalry attacks, and numerous other plaques, steles and small monuments.
  • The excellent Wellington Museum in Waterloo village, where he lodged before and after the battle, and where he wrote his dispatches.
  • The Lion Mount, the famous Panorama painting, the waxworks museum and the visitor centre with films and souvenirs and a good selection of books , maps, models, replica weapons, etc.

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