Waterloo Battlefield tours to fit your plans:

A British ex-pat, living close to the Battlefield of Waterloo for more than 20 years, my interest in and knowledge about the Battle of Waterloo as well as those at Quatre Bras & Ligny has been continuously growing.

The great battle of Waterloo itself, the march of historic events, the personalities, the manoeuvres of the armies and units, the actions of individual soldiers, the influence of the terrain and the weather all colour the picture that a guided tour reveals.

Covering the site of the battle of Waterloo itself, the strongpoint farms that so influenced the outcome, and the villages & hamlets that saw much of the action, to the museums and curiosities that can be discovered throughout the region, I would be pleased to act as your Waterloo battlefield guide. Let me know your timing and special interests and I will set up a programme that meets your needs. Always pleased to meet people with similar interests, I can guarantee you a fascinating experience.

This is what I can offer:

    * Pick-up and drop-off at your Waterloo hotel, or Waterloo station;

    * Any day of the week, any duration from 3 hours to 3 days;

    * Tour programme pre-arranged to meet your schedule and specific Waterloo campaign interests;

    * Detailed exploration of the battlefield sites and museums;

    * Hotel and restaurant recommendations;

    * Five-seat air-conditioned jeep-type vehicle standard: bigger hired on request;

    * Invoicing and receipts.

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